Phil near AmmambakkamIn July last year I was indeed fortunate to be asked to visit India and to possibly contribute to the continuing work in some villages not far from Chennai.

This my very first trip overseas so the whole experience was new enough. It was to be a journey to a land far far different from my own with it’s own unique way of touching one’s heart.

Some have said that if you can travel in India you can travel anywhere.

Though my time there was too short, India and it’s people have left an indelible mark both culturally and personally. Just as many lives were transformed through their encounter with me, my life has been altered by the many wonderful friends, brothers and sisters I came to know.

Many very profound decisions to follow the teachings of Christ were made during my stay there. This was amid an environment that very much discourages one to stray from cultural norms and beliefs. Many folk in this area have never heard form the word of God before but they embraced it’s concepts in an astonishing way.

It seemed to me in those days that many seeds were sown. Phil McDonald