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I AM who I AM

We have been talking about Moses lately (see OT bible) page and to begin tonight I want to take you back to …


I AM who I AM [Part 2]

I AM who I AM- The Bread of Life. 1/ The Bread if life. Text John 6: 35  And Jesus said to …


Moses Part 2 – Be Prepared.

The second message from Moses: Be Prepared. Revision: Bare foot in the back of the desert. (Read Exodus 4) Last time we …


Mission Possible

This page is devoted to promote missions. We have several missions in various countries around the world; India, the Solomon Islands, Papua …


Back To The Book

The Bible We live in a culture that has brainwashed many generations to believe that the Bible is just a book of …

Moses-and-Pharoah face off


Here are a series of personal Bible studies assembled by Seeds. Please feel free to download these studies. [Please click links to …