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The bible is a unique and meticulous record of the very origin of humanity. Some of the facts have been interpreted as mere stories by some, but archeology has testified that much is based on truth. It comes down to Faith and listening to that “still quiet voice” within.

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I AM who I AM

We have been talking about Moses lately (see OT bible) page and to begin tonight I want to take you back to …


I AM who I AM [Part 2]

I AM who I AM- The Bread of Life. 1/ The Bread if life. Text John 6: 35  And Jesus said to …


Moses Part 2 – Be Prepared.

The second message from Moses: Be Prepared. Revision: Bare foot in the back of the desert. (Read Exodus 4) Last time we …


Mission Possible

This page is devoted to promote missions. We have several missions in various countries around the world; India, the Solomon Islands, Papua …


Back To The Book

The Bible We live in a culture that has brainwashed many generations to believe that the Bible is just a book of …

Moses-and-Pharoah face off


Here are a series of personal Bible studies assembled by Seeds. Please feel free to download these studies. [Please click links to …