Christ’s Evangelical Foundation – CEF

CEF was set up to train preachers and teachers to minister to churches. It is a Bible College which supplies a comprehensive Course structure by distance education. SCHOLARSHIPS PROVIDED FOR SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS
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“And the things that you have heard from me
among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men
who will be able to teach
others also”
2 Tim 2:2.



The purpose of Christ’s Evangelical Foundation is to train preachers and teachers world-wide in order to minister to churches and plant new congregations that are faithful to Christ in the divinely given pattern of faith, service, worship and godly living.

We offer this Program so that all may acquire a correct understanding of God’s will and purpose for mankind. We believe that the Bible should be taught in a clear, concise, complete and correct manner, free from any denominational bias, as well as any personal interpretation.


We believe that the Bible is the divine word of God, holy, inspired and sure,
that the Bible is the complete and unchanging truth of God
it is the only source of knowledge that leads to eternal life and salvation through faith in the blood of Christ and participation in the New Testament church.
We believe that the Bible is to be accepted without reservation and that not a single word can be altered by anyone, except God. Of course, we accept translations that use more updated and relevant wording.


CEF was incorporated in December 1986 and held its first Board Meeting in July 1987. The founder is retired veteran missionary to the Congo, Guy Humphreys. The Head Office in Arizona, USA is currently staffed by the co-Presidents, Neil & Monica Jones. The Dean of the Australian Branch is missionary evangelist, Doug Willis.

The Australian Office is managed by Doug’s wife Loma Willis. They serve on a faith or voluntary basis, together, with voluntary assistant exam markers and counsellors.


Over 2,000 students have enrolled from 25 different nations. Many students presently enrolled already have BA and MA Degrees in other professions. The majority are preachers and student preachers who are looking for a more comprehensive knowledge of God’s word and will. The majority of our students are between the age of 20 and 40, although we have enrolled students aged from 15 to 80.


‘You teach the word of God and nothing else,
no church dogma, psychology, etc.
’ (DAS, Australia)

‘I am now a secondary school teacher, teaching religious education, all because of CEF. The Course has also had a very big impact on my sermon preparation and preaching.’ (DL, PNG).


CEF gives an equivalent of a four-year College/University level Bible education. Two Diplomas are offered, an Associate Degree in Bible Studies and a Bachelor Degree in Bible Studies. Each Degree consists of 12 courses. We major on Bible in which we find the answers to all human needs. The textbooks are simply written, people-oriented Bible studies. They enable the servant of Christ to teach and proclaim the apostolic gospel of God’s redeeming grace in truth and sincerity. We are not answerable to any denominational hierarchy, therefore we are free to teach the Bible as it is, to men as they are. We labour to present the divine truth without error, mis-interpretation and human tradition. This is our declared aim for all our teaching and counselling. We constantly study, pray and seek the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit in everything we do.


Our courses consist of full sized text books, which in most cases are 200 to 400 pages in size. The examinations are very comprehensive. The text books, which cover the entire Bible, are arranged and indexed in order to be used as a reference library. Each student can progress at their own pace.


Once our students graduate they are eligible to apply to the European Theological Seminary (ETS) in the United Kingdom to complete a Masters and Doctoral Program. These Degrees are also offered by distance education, but it should be noted that they do incur an admission fee.

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If students disagree with us, they can discuss their views with older experienced teachers, as well as receive additional studies on any controversial topics. Where possible, we aim to visit different states and countries, so that we can meet for retreats, tutorials and seminars to provide practical help with public preaching and the conduct of church services and ministry.


Anyone who is led by God to preach or teach His word from a non-denominational perspective; anyone who is in Christian ministry involving some form of teaching; elders, missionaries, and evangelists who would like a refresher course on the Bible; those with much or with little education; those whom God challenges to study His word in order to help win and equip others.


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